How To Speed Up My Metabolism With Black Pepper

How To Speed Up My Metabolism

While analyzing the fossils, the Archeologists found out that the prehistoric people of India used peppercorns as a spice. The Malabar region of India-the Southern region between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea is considered as the richest area with black pepper. Black pepper is the fruit of a flowering vine in the Piperaceae plant family. Before it is used as a spice, the berry is cultivated and dried.

The black pepper is also known as a king of the spices around the world. Beside the cooking, it is also used as a remedy thanks to its healing properties and mystic vibe. It was used by the Egyptians in their mummification rituals, putting peppercorns into nostrils in Ramesses II’s mummy. It was also used by the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who was using black pepper as a medicine. The black pepper was known as black gold through the Middle Ages. Peppercorns were very valuable for trading and sometimes were also used for exchanging.

It is well known fact that black pepper can help you to lower the extra pounds. It is a thermogenic spice that is able to reduce belly fat. Enhancing metabolism, peppercorn’s external layer produces an enzymatic reaction that can help in the degradation of fat cells, assisting you to lower your weight. Not only weight loss, the black pepper is famous for its natural anti-depressant properties, making you feel better. It also includes antioxidants that are great ally in the fight against free radicals. Here are a several black pepper preparations which will help you to lose more weight. You will have the best results if you use fresh ground black pepper.

Black Pepper and Lemon Juice Elixir

Black pepper combined with the fresh lemon juice disables the production of fat cells. By decreasing fat cells, the circulation is improved and nutrients are absorbed more effectively. You will also feel lighter than before. Combine the juice of half fresh lemon with a glass of water. Add a little bit of the freshly grounded pepper. Consume the mixture once in a day after having a meal.

Black Pepper Tea

Add the fresh ground pepper in your tea. But be careful with the amount of black pepper. Add 1 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper into a two cups of hot water. Add one tablespoon of organic clover honey and a little bit of lemon juice. Mix it well and enjoy in your drink.

One teaspoon of fresh ground pepper includes a trace of fat, 0.6 grams of fiber, 3.8 micrograms of vitamin K and only six calories. You can add black pepper in your Masala Spice Tea. You may have noticed that some people add fresh ground pepper in their beer. If you don’t like it combined with your water, tea, beer or cocktails, you can only sprinkle a little bit on top of your meal. You can also buy black pepper supplements combined with curmumin in order to improve the absorption.

You should consume the black pepper moderately, as every other food. Over consumption can result with adverse reactions. Ask your healthcare provider for advice if you intend to use black pepper for weight loss.