How To Strengthen Your Iron?


Natural juices are easy to make in a juicer or without it. The benefits they provide to people are very useful for health, because they strengthen your iron and energy to the body.


They should be consumed immediately after preparation because even after a few minutes oxidation starts, which greatly reduces their value. When you prepare these delicious and healthy juices, do it without any additions – no sugar, honey, sweeteners.


Beet juice is a great fighter against fatigue, anemia and diseases of the digestive tract. Simultaneously it purifies the body, strengthen your Iron and lowers the blood pressure. When you drink this juice, usually it should be taken in small quantities, for example one spoon or mixed with carrot juice. After some time, gradually reduce the amount of carrot juice in the mixture. The beet juice can be stored in the refrigerator for several hours before consumption.


Grape juice helps with fatigue and stress. Also it cleans the kidneys and liver and lowers cholesterol.


Pineapple juice is excellent for improving the functions of the kidneys and liver, and contains a substance that is a natural fat disintegrant. Also, the pineapple juice is recommended for the treatment of angina.


Peach juice strengthens heart muscles and cures heart arrhythmia. It also helps with anemia and gastritis.

Black currant

Black currant juice is excellent in vitamin deficiencies, anemia, gastritis, bronchitis, flu and angina. It successfully fights viruses, strengthens the immune system and is very rich in vitamin C. The juice is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, ulcers, skin diseases, rheumatism and cold.


The juice of this fruit is a natural cure for insomnia. It lowers cholesterol and returns blood pressure to normal.


Apple juice helps with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disease, atherosclerosis, kidney stones and dysentery. It is very good for people who have high mental activity.


Apricot juice strengthens the heart muscle. Regular consumption of this juice helps with arrhythmia.


The juice of this vegetable acts on blood pressure and returns it to normal level and improves the health of teeth, jaw, hair and nails. It is also used as a diuretic. A mixture of cucumber and carrot juice helps rheumatoid atherosclerosis and periodontitis. This mixture is also beneficial for better memory.


Pear juice helps with kidney stones.


Cabbage juice is used in gastritis with low levels of stomach acid, ulcers, spleen and liver disease. It strengthens blood vessels, restores the level of fat to normal and helps with healing wounds.


Lemon juice has excellent alkalizing effect on the body. But you should drink it with hot water in a ratio of 1:10.


The juice of this fruit is excellent for the treatment of diseases related to the cardiovascular system and kidney problems.


Orange juice is powerful natural antioxidant.


Carrot juice improves vision, strengthens the body and helps to return to normal after illness or mental and physical exhaustion. It heals gastric ulcers and helps with anemia, cancer and tuberculosis. Carrot juice increases the appetite and strengthens teeth and immune system.


Cherry juice helps opstipation, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases appetite and is used during coughs for cleaning the throat.


The juice of this vegetable is great for diets and strengthens the immune system. It is full of minerals, natural oxidants and vitamins.