This Sugar Cleanse Plan Will Help You Lose Up To 30Ibs!

There are these nutrition experts and doctors who claim that sugar is the worst thing we could do for our bodies. They even claim that the effects sugar has on our bodies is even worse than the effects of saturated fats or sodium.

Believe it or not, sugar really is a concern even more if you consume too much of it too often. In the past, the excess of sugar consumption was directly linked with the risk of appearance of diabetes and obesity but now, as science proves, sugar is also linked with numerous of heart diseases, strokes and many other health problems.

So in order for you to start leading a healthier lifestyle and take care of your overall health, we have prepared this sugar cleanse plan for 7 days thanks to which you will be able to lose up to 30Ibs and be healthier.

If you are yet not convinced that sugar is bad for your overall health these are the reasons you need to stop consuming it now:

  • It may cause cancer
  • It may even cause premature aging
  • Depletes you off your energy
  • It has great contribution to heart diseases
  • Provides empty calories with no nutritional value for your organism
  • Increases the risk of diabetes
  • It may cause obesity
  • Weakens the eyesight
  • It is very addictive!
  • May cause arthritis
  • Contributes to eczema

And numerous of different health problems!

This is the sugar cleanse plan you should start following since tomorrow in order to be healthy and even lose some weight:

  1. Day one:

Breakfast – Eggs with cheese and spinach

Snack- Almonds

Lunch- Salad with cheese

Dinner- Salad with tomato cucumber and cheese

Snack- Ricotta low-fat cheese

  1. Day two

Breakfast – Tomato with feta cheese

Snack- Almonds

Lunch- Spinach with chicken and peppers

Dinner- Turkey lettuce, spinach, mushrooms and peppers

Snack- Cheese stick

  1. Day three

Breakfast –Smoothie with peanut butter

Snack- 3 hard-boiled eggs

Lunch- Salad with various vegetables

Dinner- Grilled chicken with soup of vegetables

Snack- Chia pudding but dairy free

  1. Day four

Breakfast – Sante Fe Fritatta’s

Snack- A cheese stick

Lunch- Grilled chicken and vegetable salad

Dinner- Bean stew and Chicken

Snack- Cottage cheese with cucumbers

  1. Day five

Breakfast – Sante Fe Fritatta’s

Snack- Raw veggies

Lunch- Soup and green salad with several of vegetables

Dinner- Cheese and breadsticks

Snack- Dairy free chia pudding

  1. Day six

Breakfast – One egg muffin

Snack- Cottage cheese

Lunch- Green bean salad and breadsticks

Dinner- Chicken and zucchini noodles

Snack- Three hard-boiled eggs but without yolks

  1. Day seven

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms

Snack- Cottage cheese

Lunch- Vegetable soup and zucchini noodles

Dinner- Chicken and green bean salad

Snack- Chia pudding

Make sure you follow this sugar cleanse plan and you will feel the amazing benefits since the first three days! Start investing in yourself by leading a healthy lifestyle!