Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies… But You Do

Food Allergies

Do you remember your grandparents having such allergies? Probably not. The number of people with food allergies in the U.S. increased by 50% between 1997 and 2011 alone and it’s rising, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How Your Grandparents Avoided a Food Allergy So what’s the generational difference? 1.

Treatments For Headache, Cold, Allergies

We present quick solutions for all the pain in summer. Most usual problems for period to come are headache, cold and various allergies, and we give you tips how to treat them. Hot-cold treatment against headache Headache knows to be dull persistent pain, and often we do not want to drink tablets

Natural Remedies Against Allergies


If you have a problem with allergies you have probably already used or you are using many medications, antihistamines, sprays or nasal pump. Maybe you're tired to be sleepy from antihistamines or you realize that nasal sprays are not the right solution, because the symptoms keep coming back and you