The Most Important Cannellini Beans Benefits

Cannellini beans are a high-protein and a high-fiber food and they are an excellent choice! They can be used in plenty of different dishes because they are a part of the legume family and they are very versatile. There are plenty of Cannellini beans benefits but some of the most important

Cancer Is Not A Disease But Business!


Cancer is a business, and we are paying its toll. The word called cancer is a lie… However, what we have to say about it is that it is not a real disease. Millions of people suffer from cancer, regardless of their age and sex. However, most of them are still unaware of

These Are the Top 5 Jobs That Cause 5 Types of Cancer

It’s been understood for years that job stress can affect your health, but now researchers from Canada have released the first study linking ongoing work-related stress perceived by men and cancer. Investigators from University of Quebec and University of Montreal surveyed males who have held four to 12 jobs during their

Smoked Meat Causes Stomach Cancer

smoked meat

Even though they can be tasty and are one of the favorite foods to some people, smoked meat products are filled with nitrates and are extremely salty and smoked. Smoked meat products like sausages, bacon, smoked ham, etc., can increase the risk of stomach cancer. According to a group of scientists from