What Is The Worst Food To Consume Before Sleeping?

Some of the nutrition and health specialists have compiled a list of products that you should avoid consuming in the evening, more precisely before you lie down, as they can disturb your sleeping, but also cause other health problems such as weight gain and reduced immunity. Coffee The action of the afternoon

Pears Poached In Chocolate

Pears Poached In Chocolate

Here is one healthy recipe for natural poached pears in chocolate. You can use some other spices and the water can be halved with wine or cider. The poaching time varies depending on the variety of pear and degree of ripeness. "Conference pears” are ideal because they won’t fall into pieces

Chocolate “Cures” The Cough


Chocolate may be the cure for persistent cough, recent research shows. Scientists found ingredients in cocoa that are known to mitigate the symptoms of acute and chronic cough. About 300 people with persistent cough participated in a clinical experiment, receiving natural chemicals theobromine obtained from cocoa, twice a day for two