This is what happens to your body after you drink a cup of coffee

For many of us, cup of coffee is more than a beverage: it's an indispensable part of our wake-up ritual, something we can't do without. Whether you enjoy the silence of an early morning or dining with family, friends, or business partners, having a cup of hot fragrant coffee is always a good idea. Take a look at what happens to our body a couple of hours after enjoying that cup

The Fastest Breakfast In A Cup

fastest breakfast

If you are always in a hurry, this fastest breakfast was invented for you. It contains many nutritious ingredients in only one cup. Ingredients 1 large tablespoon Oats 1 small cup Almonds 1 cup Strawberries 1 Banana 1 cup Yogurt 1 cup Milk Oats Oats contain special fibers that effectively reduce cholesterol levels.