Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments

Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments

There are hundreds of alternative cancer treatments. However, less than two dozen of these protocols are strong enough to give advanced cancer patients real hope for survival. The Gerson Therapy and Juicing Dr. Max Gerson,  developed one of the most effective natural cancer treatments over 90 years ago, he helped hundreds of

Chocolate “Cures” The Cough


Chocolate may be the cure for persistent cough, recent research shows. Scientists found ingredients in cocoa that are known to mitigate the symptoms of acute and chronic cough. About 300 people with persistent cough participated in a clinical experiment, receiving natural chemicals theobromine obtained from cocoa, twice a day for two

Natural Remedies Against Allergies


If you have a problem with allergies you have probably already used or you are using many medications, antihistamines, sprays or nasal pump. Maybe you're tired to be sleepy from antihistamines or you realize that nasal sprays are not the right solution, because the symptoms keep coming back and you

How Naturally To Cure Skin Tags, Moles, Warts….

skin tags

Skin tags, moles and warts are a pretty common skin problem. They develop for any number of reasons and can be unsightly. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them naturally. Here’s how it’s done. Skin tags Skin tags develop because of friction from our clothing usually. Again, apple cider vinegar will