Food To Strengthen The Muscle Mass

When you lifting some weights or doing some similar resistance exercises, it's crucial to "feed" your muscles, and also it is very important what kind of food you will consume before you start. Here is the list of certain food that will help you with the process of strengthening your muscles: Eggs The

This Is How to Burn 12 Pounds In Just A Week

The egg eating routine is one of the speediest approaches to burn huge weight in just a week. Its quick viability is because of metabolic procedures it triggers in the body. Since it does not have certain supplements, this dietary arrangement is not prescribed for long haul weight reduction. Eggs make

Eat 3 Eggs a Day and Stay Healthy

If you eat 3 eggs a day you will improve your immune system, reduce stress level, easily lose some weight and have many more benefits for your health. They are simple and easy to  prepare, inexpensive and 3 boiled eggs have only 255 calories and 20 grams of protein. Also,

Eggs Diet

Eggs Diet – Lose Weight Fast!

Eggs diet is very efficient. Follow the recommended menu, resist to delicacies with lot of calories and lose 5 pounds in 5 days. If you have problems with cholesterol, do not begin this diet without consulting a doctor. Eggs have many advantages. They are very nutritious, easily digested, contain a lot

Ideally Hard-Boiled Egg


Anyone can make a hard-boiled egg, the yolk breaks and sticks to the tongue as powder. But for boiled egg which will have a nice appearance and taste you should be well prepared and timed. The perfect hard-boiled egg should have a soft center. The yolk should be pale yellow and

Hidden Ancient Medicine From Samurai Period

hidden medicine from samurai period

Do you have problems with bones and you are frequently tired? This old Japanese samurai ancient medicine recipe can help you cure these problems. How to prepare this ancient medicine: Wash one medium size egg and put it in a glass in which you have previously poured 150 ml apple cider vinegar. Leave to