These Magic Mushrooms Can Help You When Dealing With Depression

According to some psychiatrists there is a chemical which is consisted in the mushrooms which can be very beneficial and helpful for people that are dealing with depression and other prescription drugs are helping them. The famous magic mushrooms which can cause people to hallucinate work because of the compound they

Before And After Pictures Of A Drug Addict Represent The Heroin Effects

This woman just shared really shocking and almost unbelievable pictures of her while using drugs and 3 years later while completely drug-free. The difference is amazing and in the same time the heroin effects are obvious. She shared these pictures in order to inspire others in their recovery journeys, while in the

This Is The Simplest Watermelon Cake Ever!

If you ever thought that making a cake in 5 minutes is impossible than you better think twice! Making a watermelon cake could take as little time as a commercial on the TV. All you need is a simple watermelon and a little imagination. However there is a great source of