Ancient Natural Antibiotics That Are Still Effective!

natural antibiotics

The general use of antibiotics has increased by a tremendous amount throughout the last 20-30 years. This has caused something known as “antimicrobial resistance“, which has resulted in what people are now calling “super bugs”. These are disease-causing microorganisms that have gradually become resistant to the antibiotics meant to get rid of them. Although

What To Eat Before And After The Workouts?

Except you need to eat a lot of fresh food while avoiding the processed food, there are a few more tricks that can help you to make some effects of the exercise more and more quickly noticeable, and yet give your body everything you need. Before workouts The meal should be one

The Most Common Causes Of Our Headaches

If you are one of those who has never had a headache in your life, you do not have to read anything further. But the rest know very well that the headaches can often be a major problem in a daily normal functioning. And of course, there are medications that can