Measles: A Tale of Two Outbrakes

Measles: A Tale of Two Outbrakes1

The measles outbreak, which has topped 100 cases, is believed to have started at two Disney theme parks in California. But it’s not the first time measles has been spread through a big theme park. Two years ago, measles passed through a theme park in Orlando, FL. The grand total of

Honey And Cinnamon For Every Day


A lot of diseases or health problems can be solved without going to the doctor using the natural remedies that the nature has given us. All of these problems can be solved or helped with this honey and cinnamon mix which can be consumed every day. Heart disease Make a mixture of

Tips For Strengthening The Immunity In Children


Before the virus and bacteria season starts, prepare yourself and your kids. Here are some tips to protect and strengthen the immunity of the youngest, which can certainly be applied on the whole family. Repeat the basic rules of hygiene for higher immunity Children sometimes forget in a hurry to wash their