Insomnia- 15 Easy Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

Treat Insomnia

Almost half of U.S. adults 60 and older have Insomnia. Want to coax yourself into dreamland as soon as you hit the sack? Want To Fall Asleep Faster? Try the following easy methods, that include relaxation techniques, distraction exercises, and more ways to prepare your body for slumber. Try to force yourself to

Breathing Method 4-7-8 Against Insomnia

Breathing Method 4-7-8 Against Insomnia1

This breathing method is based on an ancient Indian practice called pranayama, which means regulation of breath, and is used widely in Yoga and Pilates. Insomnia has a variety of medical and emotional causes, but they are in most cases associated with stress. That is why there is a trick to solve this

Homemade Remedy Against Insomnia

Homemade Remedy Against Insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep. This leads to daytime fatigue, poor performance, tension headaches, irritability, depression, and various other problems. Insomnia is generally of two types: acute and chronic. Acute insomnia is usually more common and lasts for days or weeks. Chronic insomnia, on the

Never Drink Coffee At + 39°C

hot cofee

Many of us cannot imagine starting the day without cup of coffee. However, when outside is hot as hell, it would be better to avoid it, especially one at the afternoon. We are all looking forward to sunny weather, and especially those who have the habit to visit favorite bar