This Mom Reveals All The Secrets To Breastfeeding

This mom gets very honest and reveals all the secrets and the things she had to go through while breastfeeding because she was suffering from mastitis. She shares this very inspirational post for the moms with the same or similar conditions in order for them to relate and be inspired to

Before And After Pictures Of A Drug Addict Represent The Heroin Effects

This woman just shared really shocking and almost unbelievable pictures of her while using drugs and 3 years later while completely drug-free. The difference is amazing and in the same time the heroin effects are obvious. She shared these pictures in order to inspire others in their recovery journeys, while in the

These Are the Top 5 Jobs That Cause 5 Types of Cancer

It’s been understood for years that job stress can affect your health, but now researchers from Canada have released the first study linking ongoing work-related stress perceived by men and cancer. Investigators from University of Quebec and University of Montreal surveyed males who have held four to 12 jobs during their