10 Potent Foods That Kill Pain Fast

potent food

Pain is the mechanism that our bodies use to warn us that there is some health issue. However, people often ignore these symptoms. For instance, in the case of headaches, tendinitis, arthritis, and other painful conditions, we often reach for some commercial painkillers, but this is far from the proper

Magic Salt Sock Against Ear Pain

If you are suffering from ear pain, you certainly know how painful it can be. Sometimes drugs are not able to resolve your pain. Luckily for you, this nifty little trick will really help you solve your ear pain – all you need is a white sock and a little salt.

Best Body Practice Against Headaches


Do you often suffer from intensive and unbearable headaches? It is found that those with stronger shoulder muscles suffer less from this unpleasant problem. Danish scientist Bjarne Madsen showed that endurance exercises can prevent the occurrence of headaches. The research was performed at the Glostrup Research Center for Headache, examining 60