Sex Protects Against Parasites


Sexual reproduction allows the organism to create new combinations of genes to stay one step ahead parasites. Studying sexual habits of worms, scientists found that species with asexual reproduction were exposed to bacterial infections that destroyed them. US researchers who studied the sex lives of worms, found that sexual reproduction

Problems With PMS: Try This Sweet Help!

Problems with PMS

When you have problems with PMS - just try this, it will help you.This is the time of the most sensitive stage in women's life, which is repeated every month; the first resort is to reach for delicious chocolate. It is impossible to ignore the need for sweets at this time,

Wanted To Die: Then He Met Chiropractor Who Changed His Life


A 17-year old boy suffered extreme pains and was eventually re-born as a result of the work of an Australian chiropractor, Dr. Ian. This chiropractor solved the boy’s health issue when all others believed it to be impossible. Namely, this boy struggled with Kyphosis, an extreme curvature of the middle part

Homemade Remedies Against Sunburns

The proverb: "Better to prevent than to cure" is very true for sunburns. Prevention is the best way to protect yourself from short-term effects such as redness, pain or blisters, but also to reduce the risk of long-term skin damage or cancer. Sunburns occur from prolonged exposure to sunlight without or