This Is Why Some Women Don’t Have Orgasms

Are you aware of the fact that only 25% of all the women in the world have orgasms while in sexual intercourse? Yes, it has been proven for a fact that some women can and others never have the pleasure of orgasm. Many studies and researchers that have been done say

Having Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

During pregnancy woman’s body goes through many major changes. All women agree that is the biggest joy that can happen to her. As a matter of fact, pregnancy is not easy at for many women it is really stressful. Well, to carry child, another life in a period of nine

Sex Protects Against Parasites


Sexual reproduction allows the organism to create new combinations of genes to stay one step ahead parasites. Studying sexual habits of worms, scientists found that species with asexual reproduction were exposed to bacterial infections that destroyed them. US researchers who studied the sex lives of worms, found that sexual reproduction

Why It’s Important To Urinate After Sex

urinate after sex

Enjoying pleasurable sex not only has to do with adopting new practices or changing the routine, but also with keeping your sexual health optimal and in perfect condition.  And something as simple as peeing right after the end of the sex act brings great benefits for you and your body, helping to fight