The Best Turkey Cooking Method for Your Budget — and Your Sanity

Every year as the holidays grow closer, nervous cooks flood the internet with searches for “how to cook a turkey” or "best Turkey cooking method". It’s not that there aren't plenty of options for prepping the main component of your Thanksgiving feast. If anything, there might be too many. Each method

Slow Cooker: What Makes It So Exceptional?

Slow Cooker: What Makes it so Exceptional?

Slow Cooker offers a unique opportunity to cook traditional dishes the same the way it was done for centuries. Let’s see what makes it so exceptional? In it, you can prepare a variety of dishes and desserts. Slow Cooker is indispensable for employees, young married couples, singles, students and others

Pears Poached In Chocolate

Pears Poached In Chocolate

Here is one healthy recipe for natural poached pears in chocolate. You can use some other spices and the water can be halved with wine or cider. The poaching time varies depending on the variety of pear and degree of ripeness. "Conference pears” are ideal because they won’t fall into pieces

Jaffa Pudding In Slow Cooker

You can serve this is delicious chocolate pudding straight from the slow cooker pot! There are many adaptations of this recipe for Jaffa pudding in slow cooker. Here is one of the best variations: Ingredients for Jaffa pudding 250 g flour 150 ml milk 140 g brown sugar 100 g butter,

Chicken And Red Wine Casserole

Chicken and Red Wine Casserole

Chicken and red wine casserole recipe: This is an easy one-pot dish for a cold day; starting off on the hob, then transferred to the oven or slow cooker to bake. A sturdy casserole, or any good pan that’s both flameproof and ovenproof, is the ideal vessel.  Preheat the oven to

Baked Beans In Slow Cooker

Baked Beans in Slow Cooker

Baked beans are comforting, satisfying, and a great side to grilled or barbecued meats. While they are usually baked in the oven, it’s even easier to throw everything in the slow cooker instead. Smoky bacon, navy beans, onion, and a few sweet ingredients like molasses, ketchup, and brown sugar are stirred