How To Lose Weight In Summer


Every day as a snack you should consume freshly squeezed juices of your choice grapefruit, apple, carrots, tomatoes, beets. The diet is designed just for the summer warm weather, and consists of the consumption of freshly squeezed juices. It lasts only three days because, if practiced for longer period it

Swimming – Healthiest Summer Activity


Swimming - favorite summer activity of both children and adults is actually one of the healthiest summer activities. Swimming helps to regulate blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma as well as back pain. Besides, this type of recreation is particularly important for slender line because it is a great way to lose weight.

4 Types Of Food To Keep You Cool In The Hot Summer Days


During the hot summer days you can make life a little more comfortable by giving your body certain types of food which can keep you cool and hydrated. Watermelon Eating seasonal food has its perks as nature knows best what to offer. A couple of fresh slices of watermelon can have a