How to pick a perfect watermelon: tips from an experienced farmer

Who doesn't love watermelon? Most people are obsessed with this delicious and refreshing fruit. Sometimes we think that unless you're an experienced farmer, buying a juicy, tasty, fully ripe, and sweet watermelon is hit or miss. However, it doesn't have to be if you look for a few things when you're picking out your melon. In fact, you can tell whether

Healthy Summer Smoothie: How To Lose Weight Fast?

summer smoothie

Are you asking yourself how to lose weight fast? Here is one of the best recipes for refreshing summer smoothie, drink with combination of fruits and vegetables good for health and weight loss. This pink drink contains very few calories, and gives feeling of satiety. It is healthy to drink because

Four Fruit Diets For Quick Weight Loss


Try these four fruit diets which will help you quickly lose weight, but also to cleanse your body of toxic substances. 1. Two-day diet with apples If you want to lose a few kilograms and also to remove toxins from your body and feel healthier, all you have to do is eat

Watermelon Cures Impotency!


Spanish scientists have discovered that watermelon juice can ease sore muscles after exercise, lowers blood pressure and improves male potency. Watermelon has amino acid citrulline that is specific for influence on reducing the muscle pain. Citrulline has antioxidant activity and as such can produce oxygen in the trachea, which induces relaxation

Easy Watermelon Diet For A Perfect Body


With this easy watermelon diet, in only five days you are ready for the beach. The breakfast is the same every morning: a piece of watermelon, 50 grams of toast - bread, a cup of tea. Every day, drink 12 cups of water, tea or freshly squeezed fruit juice. This is what