Ideally Hard-Boiled Egg


Anyone can make a hard-boiled egg, the yolk breaks and sticks to the tongue as powder. But for boiled egg which will have a nice appearance and taste you should be well prepared and timed. The perfect hard-boiled egg should have a soft center. The yolk should be pale yellow and

Citrus Diet For Rapid Fat Melting

Citrus fruits are helpful in melting fat, leading to rapid and significant weight loss. In addition they supply the body with the required vitamin C. This diet allows loss of approximately 3 kg for 5 days. Breakfast for each day of the Citrus Diet: Every morning start with juice of one lemon,

Best Foods For Better Sex


There are many types of food that increases libido when consumed, and we recommend some of them if you want longer and better sex. This is simple list of the best 5 food for better sex. Bananas If you want sex to last longer, then prepare for foreplay by eating a banana.

Cure The Headache Without Pills

Whether due to stress and fatigue or due to colds, headache occurs very often and torment us. Next time, before you start looking for pills, try to cure the headache using one of the following methods: 1. Drink a strong coffee (Turkish or Espresso), with a squeeze of lemon. 2. Place one