Take A Vacation! Traveling Is Always Healthy


Benefits for the health during travel last for months, the scientists confirmed. When you go to an exotic destination where it is warm, it helps you sleep better and relieves stress. These effects last at least two weeks after the holiday and in some cases may be felt for several months after the holiday.

travelTake a vacation, traveling is always healthy! Experts say that employees need to take a vacation at least once a year, and the best destinations are exotic and warm places such as Thailand, Turkey and the Maldives. The average blood pressure in those who were on holiday fell by 6%, while those who worked rose by 2% in the same period.

Sleep quality among those who traveled improved by 17%, while for those who worked full time it decreased by 14%. Stress was reduced as much as 71% in some of the passengers. Tests have shown a decrease in blood sugar, better mood and more energy, and the effects lasted at least two weeks after returning home. The tests involved 12 volunteers. Half of them went to a two-week vacation, and the other half stayed at work. Then they took a three-day test.

This experiment found that those who went to an active holiday had the greatest reduction in stress. Permanent work is counterproductive, regular breaks can be considered as a preventive medicine.