The Reasons Why You Should Cut Down a Bradford Pear Tree

The first thing you probably thought when reading this title was why? Why would anyone cut down a Bradford pear tree when it is so pretty with all those gorgeous white flowers.

They might not smell as pretty but oh they are so beautiful to watch. Yet, there are many beautiful things on this Earth but some of them may actually harm or even kill you!

Just looking good and pretty doesn’t mean something is not a threat and you should ignore how dangerous it can be. Did you know that this Bradford pear tree has the ability to lower your blood pressure which is of course problematic and never good. This tree is also known by the name of environmental disaster.

In order to understand why they are dangerous you need to first figure out where they actually came from. Well, they originate from China where they were presented as an ornamental trees. Back then it was assumed that this tree is sterile, well, it is not. It actually turns out that not just that is not sterile but it is quite dangerous on human’s life.

They are also not at all environmental friendly because they can cause major problems to animals or other plants near them. They are actually destroying the nature and all around them.

So the next time you get excited when you will see a field of wonderful white flowering trees think again. Can you imagine they have 4 inch thorns? So you are probably guessing that they are very difficult to be removed.

However you need to understand that even though they seem powerless and not a threat at all they are in great way causing damage to the environment and causing great problems with the health to the farmers. Just go ahead and ask some respected landscapers and they will all admit they would never plant such a tree and explain how dangerous it can be.

There are more than enough reasons for you to decide and cut of these trees once and for all.

If you are not convinced here are other reasons why you should cut down a Bradford pear tree:
– They prevent the grass from growing.
– They have the power to get too big and more bigger more dangerous they are.
– They have an awful smell and stink a lot. We bet you don’t want them in your yard.
– They are structurally very weak and have 20 years of life but they almost always break down in cold winters and ice.

These trees are very hard to cut down so if you are considering to do it, you might as for professional help because getting them out of your yard once and for all is a long battle because they don’t give up that easy.

There are many beautiful looking and nice smelling flowers and trees out there that are not at all dangerous for you to worry if you cut down a Bradford pear tree.

Thank you for reading.

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