All The Things You Need To Know About Gluten Sensitivity

gluten sensitivity

If you still think that gluten sensitivity isn’t real, it is time we got you face to face with the truth. Mass media is what actually caused many people and even doctors not to believe in this condition. Yet a lot of studies have shown the opposite and have proved the benefits of the gluten free-diet.

Have you ever heard about celiac disease? IF not be aware that this is a condition which is caused by gluten. Yet not just gluten but other related proteins.

This is the main reason why in the following text we will explain all the things known about the non-celiac wheat sensitivity based on personal experiences and the results of many studies.

  • Non celiac wheat sensitivity and celiac disease

These two are two different conditions with very few differences.

The first one applies as a condition that people who have symptoms as a reaction to wheat and gluten ingestion. Some of the symptoms are fatigue and neurological issues. Such people will only improve by following a gluten-free diet.

The second condition called celiac disease, has inflammatory immune response to gluten and related proteins. It can cause great disruption of normal gut tissue and have a great effect of intestinal crypts.

These conditions which are real, prove the existence of gluten sensitivity and prove that everything about the effects of gluten in the organism is real.

Many people will argue that this sensitivity happens all in your head, but does it? How can such conditions be the result of a psychological matter?

There are even more serious diseases out there happening because of this gluten sensitivity and people choose to ignore all of this and continue consuming gluten even though they are tested to be intolerant.

You can’t stay forever blind and hind behind the lies but you have to accept the existence of gluten sensitivity once and for all and do something about it.

If you are still not convinced let us present you the latest study of this matter. It was situated in the Colombia University where 80 people with non-celiac sensitivity, 40 people with celiac disease and 40 healthy people were examined. The researchers of the study took blood samples from each and every one of them. In addition they also took blood samples from individuals who were on a gluten free diet.

The results were that the gluten-free individuals have leaky gut. They also had systematic immune activation when compared to other individuals. Another thing was that they also had epithelial cell damage. These individuals were put on a 6 months gluten free diet and after they were tested again their results were far better than the first ones.

All of these researches prove that the gluten sensitivity exists and you need to be aware of it and recognize if you have it. You should not fall under the shades of mass media, start and enjoy the benefits of gluten-free diet.

Before making any decisions you might want to run some tests for your level of gluten tolerance and there are two ways to do it: With a Cyrix panel or with a self-experiment of eliminating gluten from your diet for 60 days and be aware of any symptoms.

Good luck!

Thank you for reading.

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