There Are Things You Should Never Do While You’re On Your Period


As a matter of fact, women are very emotional during that “time of the month”. Read this article and find out what you should never do while on your period.

Black-PeriodIt is quite hard to get up from bed due to unpleasant cramps and all other hormonal issues. Moreover, women feel bloated during their period, but once that week is over, they feel sexy again.


This is one of the well known clichés. Still, you should not stuff yourself with chocolate just because you’re on your period. That actually is not going to make you feel any better. You can eat few candy bars, but in moderation. After the period, you will be angry at yourself.


Although it seems that the bucket of ice cream is all you need at that moment, but don’t forget that dairy products are high in fats and therefore have the same effects as fatty meats. This also refers to cheeses and cream. When you are cooking you should try to avoid cheesy or creamy dishes. If you really need a scoop of ice cream, we recommend you to choose non – dairy gelato without added sugars.


For those women who are coffee addicts, this might be quite difficult. Still, it is important to mention that caffeine can contribute to irregular periods. Moreover, medical experts explain that it can worsen menstrual cramps, but also can cause sleep difficulties and depressive moods. Even though certain types of tea contain caffeine, the amount is much less compared to coffee, so consuming tea is good alternative. Also, avoid energy drinks.


Keep in mind that alcohol increases all symptoms of PMS and cramps. Because of that, it is important to avoid alcohol during your period. In addition to that, alcohol acts as a blood thinner, which actually increases the flow and that will cause discomfort.


Probably you don’t want to leave your house, so it will be much easier to avoid hitting the drive thru. Fried food will make you feel worse, so you definitely should give in to your cravings for something else.


In case you start a fight with someone, probably you will say things that you don’t mean, and the hormones are responsible for that.


As a matter of fact the mess in your kitchen and all clothes on the bathroom floor will not go anywhere, so you can take care about the homework few days later. Relax with some good book or movie and attack the mess when you feel better.

Actually, women can do anything on their period just like they are doing that during the rest of the month. Still, sometimes it seems that the best option is to stay in and sleep.