If You Think That Topless Sunbathing Is Healthy, Think Again!

Sun tan has become imperative in the sixties of last century, and fashion icons of that time started with topless sunbathing. Since then, with greater or lesser interest, women from around the world began to reveal their breasts on the beach.

Topless-woman-suntanning-on-the-beach-Shutterstock-800x430However, nobody wanted to think about possible consequences of topless sunbathing, because of these very sensitive skin regions. The skin of the breast is identical in construction with other parts of the body; the only difference is in the area around nipples, with 10-20 milk channels.

The danger of harmful effects of excessive exposure to sunlight (DNA mutations, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and finally skin cancer and melanoma), will not avoid this area. The breast area is at third place by occurrence of melanoma in women. Furthermore, more intensive sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin, especially in such sensitive skin area.

Accordingly, when topless sunbathing, think of all the harmful consequences, also take into account the additional facts – this is skin area that is never exposed to the sun and is significantly more sensitive than other parts of the body that are exposed to the sun throughout the year, particularly sensitive are the nipples and area around them (areola).

It has been proven that topless sunbathing does not affect the appearance of breast cancer but there are studies that prove that patients with skin cancer have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

The sun’s rays do not harm the implants, but they can worsen the scar. Avoid solarium and sunbathing at least one year after surgery, while scars heal completely and new skin is formed. If exposed to sunlight, the scars can permanently receive pigmented, dark color.

In the context of the summer and the usefulness of staying outdoors, it should be emphasized the usefulness of moderate and careful sunbathing. Sunlight increases the oxygenation of the cells and stimulates the immune system. Under the influence of the Sun’s UVB rays Vitamin D is synthesized.

According to recent research, almost half of the cases of breast cancer per year could be prevented with regular sunbathing (10-15 minutes daily) throughout the year. The reason is simple – Vitamin D, the mechanism of functioning of Vitamin D is only partially understood, but it is confirmed that it prevents the growth and development of cancerous cells.