This Is How The Artificial Sweeteners Damage Your Gut

Nowadays artificial sweeteners can be found and are in almost any food. Latest studies have shown that they can damage your gut and are not that healthy for your overall health too. In the following text we will explain how these sweeteners may actually be the causes of many metabolic diseases.

Artificial sweeteners have no calories and are replacement for the taste of actual sugar. However there are many other natural sweeteners such as stevia that are not bad and don’t have negative effects on your health. Well the latest study have shown that, believe it or not, the artificial sweeteners can cause glucose intolerance. This can only happen if you are taking and using artificial sweeteners for a long period of time. This result was concluded after the testing made on mice.

After that testing, they treated the mice diagnosed with glucose intolerance with antibiotics and they helped for the mice to abolish glucose intolerance. IT was also concluded that the NSA of glucose intolerance is very likely to be meditated by the gut microbiota.

The following studies were made with human to see if they also had the same NSA reaction as mice. And guess what? There was found a significant correlation between NSA consummation and many parameters that are metabolic syndrome related such as fasting blood glucose, waist-to-hip ratio and hemoglobin levels. This is somehow logic you will thing because people with excessive weight or metabolic syndrome are more likely to use artificial sweeteners that regular sugar.

So the ending results were saying that in the same time while you try to keep your body safe from sugar and avoid it by consuming artificial sweeteners you make other damage. IN a sense that these sweeteners when used on long-term really do ruin your metabolism and they can be the causes of many other consequences in the future. Or if you really want to avoid sugar you can try by using the natural sweeteners such as stevia and never deal with this type of problems such as glucose intolerance or major metabolic diseases.

However the ending results in the both human and mice studies have shown that the NSA consummation increases the risk of appearance and developing of glucose intolerance and metabolic diseases.

It was also concluded that the metabolic effects were mediated by alterations in the composition and function of the microbiota.

All of these studies made calls for the need of reassessing the use of artificial sweeteners in the food industry.

With all the studies and evidence against the use of NSA we hope this will somehow change the way you look at artificial sweeteners and change your mind about completely replacing the sugar with it.

Thank you for reading.

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