This Is The Simplest Watermelon Cake Ever!

If you ever thought that making a cake in 5 minutes is impossible than you better think twice! Making a watermelon cake could take as little time as a commercial on the TV. All you need is a simple watermelon and a little imagination.

However there is a great source of inspiration you can find online if you just search for pictures of watermelon cake. It turns out that watermelon besides the fact that is an amazing and very refreshing fruit that you can eat alone, in a fruit salad or prepared as ice cream, you can also make a cake out of it. Not any cake, but one that needs very little time to make.

If you want to try and make this watermelon cake you should just cut the sheet of the cake and make the watermelon in whatever shape you desire. You can also cut it in half and fill it with cream or chocolate, or by choice fill it with some other fruit. You can use the parts you cut out to decorate the cake or eat them alone.

The quickest way is to just peel of the sheet of the watermelon and use other fruit or cream to decorate the surface. One very interesting way of decorating is to put some fruit parts on sticks and stick them in the watermelon. You can also use toothpicks in order to do whatever shape you desire.

The top layer you can also cover with melted chocolate or whipped cream or something else that you desire. You will need this sticky layer in order to place the other decorations on it so they would stick on it and stay there. For example if you do chocolate you can add colorful sprinkles or some coconut. You can get very creative with the topping decorations because you can choose whatever you eat most no matter if they are almonds or nuts, just crash them and sprinkle them on top of the cream or chocolate layer of your watermelon cake.

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If you have home from the cutting molds or if you are creative and are good with the knife, you can take other fruits or even parts from the watermelon and shape it in whatever shape you desire. You can create hearts, stars or even cartoon characters in order to make the kids happy. There are numerous options and ways of how to decorate this watermelon cake and you can search for the recipes or even videos online.

Whatever you choose we are convinced that in the end your watermelon cake will result in a new unique and very fast way of satisfying the sweet tooth. This cake not only will make your kids happy and exiting but it is also a healthier way of consuming sugar and it is for sure more refreshing too!

Another great thing is that for the warm days in the summer this cake is an ideal choice!