Few Tips For Exercise That You Can Do At Home

It would be great if we all had a separate fitness room at home. But since it’s just a dream for most people, here are some simple exercises that do not require a special devices, but they can do much to help you to strengthen your muscles. To make it fun while you are exercise, listen some music or watch a movie.


If time allows you, take a short walk around your home. If the time has some other plans, you can also take a walk in the house. If you have a stairs nearby, use them for heating. Get up and get down several times on them. If you think it’s too easy for you, take a basket of laundry or a couple of bottles of water that will serve you as a weights. In case you do not have stairs nearby, do not worry about that, turn a few circles into your home for the start.

Stretch jumps

These jumps are always fun and are a good way to get back to physical lessons in primary and secondary. They are also great cardio exercises and perfect for warming up your body.

Push ups

Although the most people do not prefer push ups because they are heavy, there are a few tricks to make them easier, but at the same time they will retain the same effect on your body. Instead of holding your legs upright, rely on your knees and make them faster. When you feel that they become lightweight, try the same with only one hand, and the other hand behind your back.

Practice by lifting your legs

Although it is proper to hold your legs straight at the start, you can bend your knees at least for a start. There are several combinations of this exercise. Parallel lifting of both legs or alternately. When you start to feel this exercise very light, do it in combination with the exercise of abdominal muscles.

Jogging in one place

You can do jogging in one place in the rhythm of the music or while you are watching a TV series or some movie. It is recommended for you to wear a good sneakers to reduce the pressure on your feet.


Excellent exercises for your legs and your butt. For a better effect, take something harder in your hands (bottles of water or canned fruit…) and you will feel a difference in just few weeks. If you already have use this exercise, try to do it by jumping.


Are you alone at home? Play some music and start dancing. Nobody can sees you so you can fully relax with the movements… Jump, run and have fun around your home. Dancing is great for your heart, and if you practice it daily, it can greatly help you to maintain your weight.