Few Tips To Keep Your Body Properly

It is incredible that just as an improvement in the holding of your body can reach so many benefits.

The proper posture will reduce the pain in your neck, back and your shoulders seemingly will increase your height and gives you a self-confident look, also it will increase your concentration, and can even improve the work of the internal organs. But unfortunately, today’s way of our life requires us to spend most of our time in a sitting position, making the good posture difficult, but if the next few tips become part of your everyday routine, it will change your life for the better.

Become aware of your current posture

The first step to solving this problem is accepting the fact that you are holding your body in a bad position. Many people think they have a proper posture if they push the chest forward and straighten their head, but that’s wrong. The body is held properly when the spine is upright, that is when it is slightly curved from the neck to the shoulders and from the shoulders to the waist. If you hold your body as a robot, the pain will occur again.

Stand upright

Stand in front of a mirror and try to bring your ears, shoulders, and the hips in a straight line. When you do this, then you have succeeded in attaining a proper posture, but here is not the end. The next challenge is to resist the need to tilt your head forward, after which your shoulders and your previous work will be useless.

Sit upright

If you spend your day in a sitting position it is very important to sit on a chair that suits your spine, and these are usually those that are slightly distorted at the lower back and waist. If you do not have that, a small pillow in that place will help a lot. Also, your desk should be as high as your elbows, hold your shoulders straight in line with your hips and do not tilt your head forward too. If, however, you have to tilt your head to read or write something on your computer, it would be the best to drag the monitor or the whole computer close to you.

Sleep properly

Keeping your body better will help you if you sleep on your back or on the side, and is good to know that is not recommended to sleep on your stomach. When you sleep on the side, put a pillow between your knees, and when you sleep on your back, put it under them. It is not mandatory to achieve the desired goal, but it will undoubtedly help.


Keeping the body in good condition will be noticeable through the way it is kept. Whether you are running, practicing yoga or any other sports, you will feel that something has begun to change. If, however, you do not practice any sport, devote a part of the day at least to stretch the muscles of your body, including those that are important for this purpose.