Top 10 Aphrodisiacs


Powerful aphrodisiacs always attract attention, and here are top 10 products that will increase your hunger for pleasure.


Forest fruits

Wild strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are very rich in vitamins C and E – the true drivers of sexual urge. Black currants and blueberries are full of vitamin B and enable a normal functioning of the kidneys, without which the sex is not as you want it to be.

Pumpkin seeds

Fatty acids and zinc from pumpkin seeds not only maintain your skin and hair young and fresh but also your libido.

Unrefined grain

Replace white bread, rice and pasta with their unrefined (integral) counterparts. Such food contains vitamin B which directly encourages sexual desire. Considering the fact that the unrefined and dietary grain products will help in weight loss, it will increase your self confidence and because of it you should feel sexier.


Maybe it does not look eye-catching, but celery stimulates part of the brain that controls sex hormones.


Salmon is an excellent basis for some romantic dinner by the fire followed by intensified orgasms. Omega 3 fatty acids increase the level of dopamine – a neurotransmitter that encourages sexual desire and intensify the flow of blood to the genitals.


It is rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid, which are of key importance in the creation of sex hormones, as well as zinc for extra passion.


This divine fruit is rich in vitamin E, an important factor for healthy and nice hair, skin and nails, but it is also the key factor for increased sexual desire and fertility.


They are tasty and full of essential fatty acids that maintain the healthy balance of the sex hormone. Fried almonds are rich in manganese, which protects the health of the reproductive organs.


Banana will improve your performance in bed, and will provide you with potassium and vitamin B – which is of vital importance in excretion of sex hormones.

Dark chocolate

One of the ingredients in dark chocolate is known as “love drug” because it accelerates the pulse and stimulates the brain to think you are starting love game.