Treatment of Varicose Veins in Just Minutes

Treatment of Varicose Veins in Just Minutes

Some time ago the Doctor of Azerbaijan origin Ceyhun Huseynov claimed to have the remedy to cure varicose veins and although there are already some solutions like Dr. Ceyhun’s since he promised to cure them in only seconds, it was not yet credible and nobody knew anything about this until a video recording appeared where the doctor applies the treatment to a patient where he injects a type of liquid that was a mystery to the public, and it wasn’t disclosed what the medical solution contains, but the doctor ensures to answer all the doubts to the patient in person.

At the request of our readers who asked us the contact of this person we will publish the contact info of the Doctor.

Dr. Ceyhun Hüseynov

C. M. S. Dr. Jeyhun Huseynov

Doctor’s specialty

Doctor’s service sphere
Phlebology, Surgery

Address: Hasan Aliyev, 38 Baku AZ1078, Azerbaijan
Clinic: Grand Hospital

(+99412) 511 64 00
(+99450) 373 22 11
(+99455) 373 22 11

Web link:


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