Treatments For Headache, Cold, Allergies

We present quick solutions for all the pain in summer. Most usual problems for period to come are headache, cold and various allergies, and we give you tips how to treat them.

Hot-cold treatment against headache

Headache knows to be dull persistent pain, and often we do not want to drink tablets or we do not have them with us on a summer vacation. Take a shower with alternately hot and cold water, since the change of temperature leads to a better circulation and a higher oxygen supply. Do not forget fluids, you may have a headache because of thirst and dehydration.

The fastest treatments for Headache, Cold and Allergies in Summer


Any sea or salted tap water is ideal for fighting colds. Simply rinse your nose with salt water. Apart from clearing the nose it will disinfect against viruses.

Chocolate against diarrhea

It is recommended to use the best and healthiest dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa. It is not just good advice from our mothers and grandmothers, but it is proven with many researches.

Moving against fear

When you have a fear of flying or anything else, the best advice is to move to dispose of adrenaline and stress. Before entering the plane you can walk to the terminal or hidden from other passengers you can jump few times to let the anxiety out.

Balm and Vaseline against blisters

After climbing all day, you arrived home and discovered a new blister on the foot. Before bedtime moisten the skin with balm or Vaseline.

Pain in the ears

Often after activities at sea or pool ears can be inflamed. It occurs due to residual water in them or because of chlorine, which is the most common cause of inflammation. After each bath wash your ears with fresh water. If inflammation is activated, heat olive oil and use cotton pads to hold it the inflamed ear until cooled.

Rosemary for blood pressure

In hot weather, problems with blood pressure can occur, and there is an excellent solution for that – rosemary. Drink it as a tea or take a warm bath.

Sleeping with cold bottle

During the great heat, sometimes the nights can be very hot not allowing you to sleep. To reduce body temperature, place bottle of cold water in bed, immediately you will be cooled and able to fall asleep.

Beware of sunstroke

If you feel the heat and pulsating head, immediately go somewhere in shade, put cold compresses on the head and if after a few hours you have a fever, contact your doctor immediately.

Black tea relieves allergy

The simplest first aid in allergy to the sun is black tea, leave it to cool and apply it on the skin with cotton pad or gauze.