The Trick With Aluminum Foil From Chinese And Russian Healers

aluminum foil pain

This trick with aluminum foil from Chinese and Russian healers can be used as pain relief, to flushes toxins and to treat colds.

Aluminium FoilAluminum foil is widely used in Russian and Chinese healers. Practice has shown that aluminum foil can be used outside the kitchen.

If you have a problem with dry hands, wrap your fingers, and if necessary, the whole hand, in aluminum foil. This is also true if you hurt your neck, back, shoulders, knees, heels or any other part of the body.

After this, pain and discomfort will disappear quickly. Body energy passes through the active points of the body and is directed to the place where it came from. This positively affects the aching bodies. This way you can solve the problem and reduce the pain. This method of treatment was used by Chinese and Russian healers, and was explained in detail in the book of Wilhelm Reich, a psychotherapist who was a disciple of Freud.

How can aluminum foil heal us?

Take the foil, place it on the painful area, and wrap a bandage over. Leave the foil overnight. After one night make a break for week or two and then if necessary, then repeat the treatment. The foil can also help you to stay warm.

Wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of foil, and put paper or gauze between each of the layers. Hold these layers for about an hour then remove the foil and repeat the procedure after two hours. This treatment should be repeated three times in one day. The entire procedure of treatment should last for one week.