Truth About Treating Ear Infection With Antibiotics?

Treating ear infection with an antibiotic is actually very often nowadays. Yet most of the infections in the ear almost always resolve on their own and this treatment with antibiotic is not that beneficial at all. To add up, they give you other consequences on your health on long term.

Ear infections are most likely to happen to little children and haven’t you ever wondered if it is safe for you to treat such infections with antibiotics? Maybe you will think about it more next time after you read these facts about the antibiotics when it comes to their relation with ear infection.

– They provide very small amount of benefits to the infection. This is due to the fact that these infections are the result of food sensitivity and antibiotics can’t help there. And on top of all that, researches show that 80% of the infections resolve on their own. Antibiotics can sometimes help in easing the pain or even make it larger. A lot of other studies have shown that the method of waiting for the ear to clean up itself than exposing your organism with antibiotics you don’t actually need is much better and more effective. Because, with the antibiotics while you are trying to cure something, you get sick of something else.

– When it comes to children, antibiotics have even worse long-term consequences you wouldn’t want your child to suffer from. If you do they will experience symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea or rash. There is also a research that people that use antibiotics will never recover back from it. This is why children need to stay away from it and the parents need to be informed about their options and how would their decisions effect their children’s health.

– There are a lot safer approaches when it comes to treating ear infection. Yet the safest approach considered is for you to try and avoid getting an infection in the first place. And in order to do that you need to be aware of your own and your child’s sensitivity to food. For example you should always choose breastfeeding over formula. Maybe it’s time for you to consider starting a well-balanced diet and doing whatever you can to strengthen your immune system. However in the worst case if your child gets an ear infection make sure you will to the right thing which probably is the waiting approach and letting the infection resolve itself.

– There are other homemade remedies that have shown to be very helpful with these situations like ear drops made out of garlic and mullein oil. Or use xylitol nasal spray to treat the infection. Other natural supplements that will strengthen your immune system are always welcomed and you should the treatment with herbal antimicrobials.

– Yet in some very serious cases and infections antibiotics are a must and are necessary for you to treat the ear infection. If a doctor prescribe them for your child make sure it’s the best solution for them in the moment.

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