Two simple ways to differ GMO and organic food

Scientists are dealing with the influence of GMO (genetically modified organisms) on human health since a long time ago already. U.S.A, Canada and China are growing genetically modified corn, soya and potatoes meanwhile Austria, Greece and Hungary claimed that they do not use GMO. The harm caused by GMO is not official yet, but there are some serious matches that should NEVER BE IGNORED which are:

The extremely big number of people with cancer
One of 50 newborn babies has symptoms of Autism
A huge number of people hit by allergies on food and sensitive to gluten and casein


If you consider it important for your food to be completely organic, we will show you two basic and simple ways to avoid GMO food.

GMO might cause allergic reactions, for example if you are allergic to nuts and you eat food with genes of the nut (GMO), it may cause allergic reaction. This is why you should always carefully read the information on the label.

Pay attention on how does the product look like.

The genetically modified food looks perfect. They have a true shape, they all have the same size and a long expiring date, because the new genes successfully oppose the outside affection on the food. For example, the gene Bacillus thuringiensis added to GM plants creates a toxin which kills the pests. If a plant doesn’t have pests on it, apparently it is organic.

2. Avoid eating foods with a big probability of containing GMO (read the labels and beware these ingredients below)

78% of soy, 33% of corn, 64% of cotton seeds and 24% of beet seeds in the world are GMO.

They can be found in this kind of food:
Dairy products
Half-cooked products and flour snacks
Breakfast cereal and instant porridge
Some breads and sweets
Sweet drinks
Peanut butter
Chocolate syrup