Walnuts Improve Male Fertility


Most male infertility is due to poor sperm quality… 10 walnuts a day are needed to improve male fertility, according to research in the journal “Biology of Reproduction”.

1572408020_8febbe536a_bAccording to this survey, in 12 weeks the form and vitality of the sperm will be improved in men who consumed walnuts. It was found that fatty acids contained in this fruit are important for development of sperm.

Dr. Alan Pace, a former lecturer at Sheffield University, UK, said that there is growing evidence that shows that the human diet can affect the quantity and quality of sperm. “

Researchers in California have tried to determine whether it is true that men with poor quality sperm, after consuming walnuts have improved results with fertility. Male infertility is due to poor sperm quality or weaker production sperm.