Why People Start Overtraining?

In the addition of the previous article which was about how overtraining affects the results we have another one which explains the reasons we start to over train.

Many of us start living in the illusion of “ The more, the better” and believe that it is the only way into creating the perfect body or being as healthy as possible. But little did we know about how wrong we are.

There are people that actually over train themselves in order to start or keep feeling good about the skin they live in. Some love the feeling of thrill and rush of a long and intense workout. The end of it and the accomplishment is a very satisfying feeling and many people long for that. They want to experience the good feeling of completing an intense workout. IT becomes obsession very often.

This works in a way that with completing the exercise our body produces hormone which kills the pain and temporarily makes us happy. This is the way people become obsesses with intense workouts and completing them becomes their drug.

Such exercise gives most people a sense of control over their life and their body. This is actually very supported by the mass media with all the advertise that hitting the gym is the only way to control how your body looks. And it is true, but overtraining doesn’t.

The people that over train have and make an unrealistic goals for themselves just because they need the motivation to push harder and harder. They are literally doing whatever it takes and spend hours in the gym wasting their energy and getting sick. Yet, they are not aware of it because the rush and the thrill is much more exiting then the fatigue.

Many of these people don’t actually know what overtraining can do and how it can affect their lives and their health. It would be far better if everyone since the beginning knew how to maintain the balance between exercise and recovery.

Sadly, many people learn the consequences and the risks of overtraining the hard way.

What if somebody told you that less is more with exercising also. With patience and time all the efforts will be paid off. Of course as long as you do what truly works and being responsible with your workout routine and diet plan.

Just use your exercise time to relieve your stress and work on your body. Don’t push yourself too much and take some time for recovery. You will know you are doing it right if you leave the gym exited not exhausted.

This is probably the simplest advice you can get and that is to do better, not do more. Don’t test the limits of your body and organism. Work for the better of your overall health not trying to fix something while breaking something else in the same time.

Beware of overtraining and focus on performing better and achieving greater results.



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