Why You Eat Twice As Many Calories On The First Day Of Vacation

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When on vacation, during the first day of vacation people eat food with twice as many calories than usual. Some even intake up to 5,756 calories. This amount of calories is enough to finish race of two marathons.

many caloriesAccording to the recommendations of the doctor, man should intake 2,500 calories per day, while woman should intake maximum of 2,000 calories. On the first day of vacation that number is more than doubled and amounted to 5,756 calories.

Just for breakfast some respondents were taking 1,117 calories. After breakfast, many of them have a small alcoholic drink, which is an additional 240 calories.

FIRST DAY MENU: Calories per installments

  • Breakfast: 1,117 calories
  • Drinks after breakfast: 240 calories
  • Lunch: 1,260 calories
  • Afternoon snack: 425 calories
  • Dinner: 2,191 calories
  • Beverages and snacks after dinner: 523 calories
  • Total: 5,756 calories

The vast majority of respondents admitted that on the first day of vacation they fall into the trap and eat and drink as if everything is almost free.

25 % of all calories – 1,418 – were from drinking alcohol that day.

People are usually too relaxed and get carried away on the first day of vacation but on the second day, they are more moderate.