This Is Why Some Women Don’t Have Orgasms

Are you aware of the fact that only 25% of all the women in the world have orgasms while in sexual intercourse? Yes, it has been proven for a fact that some women can and others never have the pleasure of orgasm.

Many studies and researchers that have been done say that 50% of the women sometimes have orgasms but 5% of the rest never experience one.

Can you imagine this and how does it make you feel?

There are hundreds of women in the world that are constantly sharing their stories of how they can never ever get to experience an orgasm while having sex. There are also others that share how they sometimes but not always get the pleasure to orgasm and everyone needs answers.

Women need reason and answer to why this is happening because they are losing the desire of having sexual intercourses because what is the point? Some even fear that something is wrong with them and constantly need to act before their partners.

This is why in order for you to understand we are pointing out some reasons for why you are probably not able to experience orgasm while in sexual intercourse.

  1. A woman heart has to be open

Women are not magnetic creatures and it is all about the heart with them. It is not just about the passion. In order to stimulate her best, you need to activate her heart and help her relax. The pressure and the aggressiveness will never help in these situations. One option is for you to stimulate her breasts but the best one is to stimulate her through love. After all, with true connection and open-hearted love, there is nothing you can’t achieve. When she feels loved, cared for and safe in your arms, it is when she will open herself completely to you. She will devote herself and it is probably the best chance you will ever have to get her to orgasm. It is a slow process and it needs patience and time until you help your woman relax.

  1. Vaginas are not the cylinders for penises

The vagina has much greater capacity then you can ever imagine! In practice, the vagina is truly the vessel for the penis but it takes a lot more for you to get her relaxed and welcoming. It is only then when the walls of the vagina are relaxed, they start feeling the sensation and the pleasure. You just need to stay connected to her and guide her to the incredible journey of achieving an orgasm!

  1. Heal the feeling of being used

Since the beginning of times, women have felt they are being used as sex slaves and this needs to stop. You need to help the woman heal that feeling and the need that she always has to say yes to sex. Women should make their own choices and men should choose to truly make love and devote themselves in order to help women achieve orgasms.